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  • 2019年

    The company won three honorary awards, like the “Annual Contribution Award on Revenue per Mu” issued by Deqing County People’s Government, “Annual Energy Conservation & Emission Reduction Award”, and “Annual Economic Development Award”, and added 2 coil-to-coil continuous plating production lines.

  • 2018年

    The company added 2 automatic rack plating production lines, and 1 zinc-nickel alloy rack plating production line.

  • 2016-17年

    The company won the certificates, including “Labor Contract Harmony Enterprise” and “Third Prize of Xinshi Economic Development”; it added the automatic electroplating flow line for filters, as well as the automatic black chromium production line.

  • 2015年

    The company won “Advanced Collective” Honor Certificate issued by Huzhou Municipal People’s Government, and added the gold plating production line.

  • 2013-14年

    The company got “Financial Contribution Award” Certificate issued by Deqing County People’s Government, as well as “Safety Production Standardization” Certificate issued by Huzhou Safety Supervision Bureau.

  • 2012年

    The company obtained “Zhejiang Clean Production Staged Achievement” Certificate issued by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Environmental Protection, and added the full-automatic rack plating production line.

  • 2009-11年

    The full-automatic rack plating production line was added.

  • 2007-08年

    1 full-automatic rack plating production line was added.

  • 2005年

    The company was established, and introduced the first 2nd-generation automatic rack plating production line.